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Banbridge to Brazil

Published: Mon, 9 Jun 2014
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‘Man of the Match’ for each estate (l-r) Josh Martin, Enrico Scappattici and Jake Gorman.
South Brookfield football tournament
World Cup Fever hit Banbridge recently as young residents from Brookfield, Edenderry and Cline Road all took part in a 5-aside football tournament.
As part of a community grant the Brookfield and Edenderry Community Association received from the Housing Executive they organised a five week football based sports scheme for the young people in the area. It all culminated in a 5 a side football tournament on Tuesday 27 May at Banbridge Leisure Centre where Edenderry Park triumphed after a couple of tight matches.
The group awarded ‘man of the match’ to a player from each estate which fielded a team. From Cline Rd Josh Martin took the title meanwhile Enrico Scappattici lifted his trophy while representing Brookfield and Jake Gorman won for Edenderry Park.
The  5 a side football tournament was held at Banbridge Leisure Centre
South brookfield football tournament
After the tournament Michelle Copeland from Brookfield and Edenderry Community Association commented:
“The children had a fantastic time during the lead up to the tournament and over the evening. It was great to see the children and young people all enjoying the competition and getting to know one another better. We’ve noticed over the past few weeks how they have responded positively to being involved in team development for their community.
“On behalf of the community group and our young people I’d like to thank the Housing Executive for their support of this initiative.”
The community group is hoping to have more community activities over the summer.