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‘Welcome’ new skills with the help of community grant

Published: Wed, 4 Jun 2014
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the new musical instruments are a big hit
Welcome Church new musical instruments
People attending the youth club at the Welcome Church in Cambrai Street will be able to learn a variety of new skills courtesy of a £5,000 community grant.
Pastor Jonathon Clarke welcomed the windfall and trustee Jan Hall tells us a little bit more about how it will be used. She said:
“Our Friday night youth club is very popular. We have between 90 to 100 young people attending each evening and thanks to the community grant from the Housing Executive we will now be able to widen the work we do with them - giving them some skill-based activities alongside the usual social events.
“With the purchase of computer equipment we now intend to set up a computer group, where the young people can work with a trained tutor to improve their IT Skills. The computers will also be available to any ‘silver surfers’ who are keen to learn how to use new technology like Skype – which as we all know is a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family.
“The other area of work that will benefit is our Music Group. Our budding musicians are currently using donated equipment, which to say the least is not great, so the purchase of good quality equipment, which they can take home for practice, will definitely enhance their experience.
“On behalf of the group I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Housing Executive for the grant - it will certainly go a long way in helping us improve the facilities that we provide at the club.”
Young and old will benefit from the new computers
Welcome Church community new computers
Our West Belfast Area Manager, Sharon Beattie, added:
“Financial assistance in the form of community grants is available from the Housing Executive to help resident and community groups promote initiatives that enhance the welfare of tenants and residents living within Housing Executive estates and this project certainly seems to hit all the right keys!
“As well as learning computer skills which could be invaluable in terms of their future employment, the young people will have an opportunity to play a musical instrument at home which given the expense they might otherwise never have been able to do.  And, who knows, we could even uncover the next Bill Gates or Nigel Kennedy – sometimes all it takes is the right opportunity.  
“It is also good to hear that older people will also be able to use the computers – because dealing digitally with organisations like the Housing Executive is becoming ever more popular regardless of age.”