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Tenant led housing panels set up

Published: Wed, 12 Mar 2014
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The West Area Tenant Scrutiny Panel
West Area Tenant Scrutiny Panel
Tenants in the West and Causeway areas will be offered a greater say in the future of their neighbourhoods with the creation of new local tenant-led panels.
We are setting up Tenant Scrutiny Panels across Northern Ireland giving our tenants a voice to ensure that local offices are delivering the services required in their areas and to the level of quality expected by tenants.
In West – which encompasses Collon Terrace, Waterside, Waterloo and Strabane – 11 tenants from across the area will scrutinise services they feel are most important to tenants in the coming year.
In Derry Collon Terrace tenants will be represented by Rosie Doherty, Marie Gillespie and Louise McClenaghan; Waterloo Place representatives are William Temple, Jim Clifford, Alistair Simpson and Billy Toland and in Waterside representatives are Julie Kee and Linda Watson. They will join tenant volunteers Andy Gallagher and Sue McElwee, representing the Strabane area on the panel.
In Causeway – which encompasses Limavady, Ballycastle, Ballymoney and  Coleraine – nine tenants sit on the panel.
The panel there consists of Sheila McWilliams, Margaret Reid, Dessie Hanna, Sammy McGrath, Rosemary McCaw, Sally McDonald, Claire Getty, Diane Broom and Margaret Gibson.
The Causeway Tenant Scrutiny Panel
Causeway Tenant Scrutiny Panel
The groups meet three times a year and members have said they are looking forward to the year ahead.
Michael Dallat, Area Manager for the West region, said the new panels will ensure that we work in an active and meaningful partnership with communities.
“The creation of the Tenant Scrutiny Panels will give our tenants a real say in making their neighbourhoods better places in which to live.
Mark Alexander, Area Manager in Causeway, added: “The panels will also ensure that we are accountable to our tenants for the delivery of our services and we will be in a position to continuously seek the views of our tenants and strive to improve the delivery of our services.”