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Local children help Hilden to bloom

Published: Fri, 23 May 2014
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Children from Forthill Primary helping Ruby to plant the Hilden Community Garden
Hilden - children planting
The Hilden Community Association has been helping to sow the gardening seed in local children with our help.
The community group recently refurbished the area to the side of their community house creating raised beds and a seating area with the support of our Shared Community Project. Just as the Chelsea Flower Show opened, children from the local school, Forthill Primary, were invited along to help with planting some little shoots which will hopefully create large summer blooms.
Trisha McCormick Chair of the Hilden Community Association said:
“It’s terrific to see the children helping us with the planting; their excitement is infectious. On behalf of the Hilden Community Association I want to extend my thanks to the Housing Executive for their support of our gardening initiative and to Susan Jones of Forthill Primary for arranging to bring the children here today and of course to the children for their enthusiasm.”
Forthill Primary, Hilden Community Ass. and NIHE worked on the new community garden
Hilden group
Dave McClure our Grounds Maintenance Manager commented:
“This was a great opportunity to help inspire the children to take up gardening. They have taken to digging, planting and watering in with great gusto. You never know, we may have sown a seed today which will end up with one of the children participating at a Chelsea Flower Show in the future!”
The garden is due to be officially opened towards the end of June when the children’s flowers will hopefully be in full bloom!