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Whitehill residents dance around the world

Published: Wed, 28 May 2014
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Bollywood dancer Manvi Singhal with (l-r) Laureen McFaul NIHE & Whitehill residents Tracey Morrow, Alice Douglas and Anne Martin
Manvi Singhal Whitehill residents
Whitehill Community Group, Bangor, hosted friends from Newtownards, Holywood and Bloomfield to an afternoon tea dance.
The tea-dance, held in their Community House in Skipperstone for the over 50s, is part of Whitehill Community Group’s work to explore the meaning of community and diversity through our Shared Communities Programme. As they took tea, nibbled on sandwiches and enjoyed sweet treats they were entertained by dancers from India, Mexico and Poland whilst the afternoon’s music was supplied by Addy Donaldson.
The event also saw the unveiling of an intergenerational diversity based piece of art work which local residents, ranging in age from 8 years to over 50 recently created. It shows the diverse food, music, nationality and religion now in Northern Ireland. In addition they displayed costume work which the community created during another workshop.
The North Down Community Police joined the afternoon. They brought along vital information on personal and community safety, chatted with those attending about keeping safe and distributed personal security aids.
Local residents are examining the meaning of community and diversity
Bollywood dancer Manvi Singhal
Tracey Morrow of Whitehill Community Group commented:
“The tea-dance proved a very successful and entertaining afternoon. It was terrific to see everyone enjoying themselves, getting into the community spirit and dancing the afternoon away.
“On behalf of the group I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the event and who helped make it happen.”
Our Head of Income Collection and Neighbourhoods, Jennifer Hawthorne, added:
“Whitehill’s participation in the Housing Executive’s Shared Communities Programme goes from strength to strength. I am delighted we are able to support their initiatives to spread a message of embracing diversity amongst local residents.”