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Community garden at the heart of Glendowan

Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2014
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(L-r) Local resident Anne Tohill, Kate McCormick (Chairperson of Glendowan Community Association) and Neighbourhood Officers Michael Hilton & John Rafferty
Glensdowan Bric sign
Local residents in the Glendowan area recently visited the newly opened community garden to see the finishing touches added as the artwork and redecorated substation were unveiled.
The garden was established as a result of our work with the local community through the bric project.  It is at the heart of the community and is viewed as a space where young and not so young can spend time, relaxing.  
At the centre of the garden is a mosaic containing the garden’s name a spiral and Celtic links around the perimeter.  A group of the area’s young people aged from 8 to about 11/12 years worked with local artist, Margaret McCann, to create murals for around the garden’s perimeter and to cover the electric station in the corner.  
To mark the event the community group also unveiled a plaque to commemorate the area’s involvement with the bric programme.
Speaking about the event Kate McCormick, Chairperson of Glendowan Community Association, commented:
“We are delighted with the garden and the artwork. The enthusiasm of the young people involved has been infectious. They have really taken ownership of the garden, taken pride in it and through this are nurturing nature and respecting the space.
“Participating on the bric programme has been great for the area and really opened up a number of opportunities for us. A huge thanks to those from bric who supported us and the local Housing Executive who have been very encouraging of this initiative.”
Speaking at the unveiling of the plaque and artwork, the Housing Executive’s Neighbourhood Officer, Michael Hilton, commended the hard work of the community saying.
“Not only does the garden and artwork improve the area aesthetically but it also celebrates the local community’s enthusiasm for the area in which they live. I wish them well as they enjoy both the garden and the art.”