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Belfast community artworks

Published: Wed, 24 Sep 2014
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A total of four new pieces of community artwork were recently completed in the lower Falls area of Belfast.
Lower Falls sport artworks
Sport and art takes centre stage in the lower Falls are of Belfast.
Problems in Lower Falls have been well documented in recent times, however, if you go through the area nowadays you will notice a positive transformation as four new pieces of community artwork have been recently completed.
The new artwork is located at Albert Street, Ross Road and Servia Street, Belfast.  The murals in Albert Street and Ross Road were funded by our Community Cohesion Unit, and the murals in Servia Street were funded by Building Relationships in Communities (BRIC).
All of the murals were designed by artist Frank Quigley, who worked closely with the local community to bring the ideas of the local community to life. The artwork at Ross Road entitled ‘Our Youth Our Culture Our Community Our Future’ has a sporting theme, which was chosen during workshops by young people from local GAA Clubs (McDermotts and Davitts), along with local residents.
The artwork at Albert Street was a joint effort between young people from the Immaculata (Mac) juvenile football team and the Divis Youth project. It features two local lads who played for the Mac Team and who now work as volunteers for both organisations.
The BRIC artwork in Servia Street is part of a series of re-imaging projects in the area, which have all been made possible by the BRIC Programme working with the Housing Executive, and dedicated community workers to ensure local residents are fully involved at every level of the scheme.
There had been ongoing problems with graffiti and anti-social behaviour in these locations as Sharon Beattie, our West Belfast Area Manager, explains: “As an organisation we are always looking for innovative ways to tackle the problem of graffiti, which is not unique to Lower Falls and ultimately does cost money to address.
"These projects are exactly the type of fresh response that we are looking for - we welcome the commitment and support of the local community and young people involved.
We know that the images are ones which the whole community will embrace and they will also complement further work in the area through initiatives like the Lower Falls Intervention and Building Successful Communities.”
Community worker, Terry Quinn, led out the projects and added: “It goes without saying that the new artwork, which represents a positive and important aspect of life in West Belfast, really is something for local kids and adults to be proud of.
"It is a real improvement and, on behalf of all the community, I would like to thank the Housing Executive’s Community Cohesion Unit and the BRIC Programme for funding the projects.
"I would also like to thank artist Frank Quigley, who I think has done a brilliant job in bringing people’s ideas to life, as well as the manager of the Mac team, Martin Voyle and Gerard Fusco from the Divis Youth project for their support.”