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Gas safety check warning

Published: Thur, 18 Sep 2014
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The safety of our tenants is paramount
Grants inspection
Get your annual gas boiler safety check or face having the supply cut off.
That's the message to Housing Executive tenants across Northern Ireland who do not allow an annual safety check of gas boilers and are in danger of having their supply cut off.
We are urging tenants to ensure that our contractors are given access to properties to carry out the annual check, warning that the gas supply will be disconnected where access is prohibited.
Gerry Flynn, Director of Landlord Services, said:
“The safety of our tenants is paramount and we are urging our tenants to work with our contractors to ensure that the safety checks of gas boilers are carried out.  If a gas leak is left unchecked you are placing not only yourself at risk but also the safety of tenants in neighbouring properties.
“As a landlord, we have a legal obligation to carry out the annual gas safety check.  Failure to allow this service will result in gas capping, a disconnection of the service.  Tenants may also face a charge for reconnection.”
Households will receive a letter informing them of a date for the service check, which they can change if it is unsuitable.
If there is no response, the tenant will be issued with a ‘no access’ card, which informs them of the need to make contact with the contractor and warns that the gas supply will be cut off if they do not comply.
This will be followed up with a hand delivered letter, again requesting contact is made within seven days.
If, at that stage, there is still no response the supply will be disconnected until the required safety checks are carried out.  Tenants will be issued with a notice informing them they must make contact with the Housing Executive in order to get the supply reconnected.