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Shared Communities Programme delivers in Greater Whitewell

Published: Wed, 24 Sep 2014
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People in the Greater Whitewell area have enjoyed a programme of activities
Launch of welcome pack
People in the Greater Whitewell area have enjoyed a programme of activities, courtesy of the Housing Executive and the Greater Whitewell Community Surgery.
Through our Shared Communities Programme we have provided a range of activities for all ages through close liaison with the Greater Whitewell Community Surgery (GWCS). The ‘summer scheme’ activities over the last number of weeks were:
Craft Sessions: Four workshops, facilitated by local community representatives, brought together young people, some as young as five, on a culturally diverse basis to design and create their own unique t-shirt, cap and canvas shoes to wear on a cross community day trip.
Day trip to Crawfordsburn: Children from the local area proudly wore their newly designed t-shirts, caps and shoes on this cross community outing, a real visual show of togetherness for the Greater Whitewell community.
Day Trip to Laganside Sports: A cross community day trip to Laganside Sports for young people aged 10-16.  This trip encouraged team building skills between all participants, and taught new skills in a fun environment.
Day Trip to Portrush: A cross community day trip to Portrush for children in the local area.  This trip was open to children of all ages and the trip encouraged people to freely mix together and form new friendships, regardless of their background.
Day Trip to Spruce Meadows, Lisburn: A cross community day trip to Spruce Meadows activity farm in Lisburn.  This trip provided an opportunity for young people from the area to experience country life, and encouraged relationship building.
Day Trip to Lammas Fair in Ballycastle for seniors: This trip encouraged older people from the Whitewell area to socialise with others of a similar age, regardless of which community they come from.
The aim of the Shared Communities Programme is to develop shared neighbourhoods where people choose to live with others regardless of their religion or race, in a neighbourhood that is safe and welcoming to all.
The Greater Whitewell Community Surgery works closely with the Housing Executive.  Leah Blaney and Irma Makin from the GWCS were instrumental in making these activities successful.  They said:
“With the help of the Housing Executive we have a strong community spirit in the Greater Whitewell, and people from different communities are reassured that this area is a good place to live.  Our activity programme greatly improved relationships in the communities and also allowed for good friendships to develop.  It was a great success.”
The Housing Executive will continue to liaise with the local community groups in an effort to forge lasting relationships and improve the neighbourhood for everyone.