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Whitehill’s journey has the wow factor

Published: Fri, 12 Dec 2014
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Whitehill Community Association receiving Good Neighbourhood Agreement
Whitehill Community Association receiving Good Neighbourhood Agreement
Residents of Whitehill have completed their 18 month ‘Shared Communities’ programme with the Housing Executive.
It was a varied time, one of both reflection and action which participants thoroughly enjoyed and resulted in them agreeing their ‘Good Neighbour Agreement’.  To mark its conclusion Whitehill Community Association created a shared communities address book for every household in the area.
The address book was illustrated using images showing events and activities residents enjoyed during their time onour Shared Communities Programme.  
The Community Association was keen everyone in the area had the opportunity to participate on the programme so they carefully chose events and projects to ensure this.  
Older members of the community participated in intercultural visits to the Chinese community’s Hong Ling Gardens and the Indian Community Centre at Carlisle Circus.  Young people from the area met piers from Lisnaskea at Todd’s Leap for a cross community team building day.  The association gathered participants aged from 8 years to over 50 to create a shared vision for the future of the Whitehill community and celebrate their shared values through a multimedia collage.  Ladies from the area also worked with World Wide Women in a multicultural theatrical venture and the final event.  
Sharon Hunt, Community Development worker from Whitehill Community Association commented that the area “has welcomed diversity” going on to say…
“We were delighted to work on the Housing Executive’s Shared Communities Programme.  The association has witnessed a real increase in the community’s sense of belonging through these terrific opportunities for all residents to improve mutual respect and understanding.”
Deirdre Crawford from our Cohesion Team said…
“We’ve seen how residents in this community have actively promoted cohesion and good relations within their area.  Although the Shared Communities Programme has come to an end, we look forward to hearing the good relations activities the group are developing.”