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Let's all try to stamp out illegal dumping

Published: Fri, 3 Apr 2015
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Fly tipping in Ballybeen
Fly tipping in Ballybeen
We are concerned about the illegal dumping of household items and littering which is happening on grounds it owns in the Dundonald area.
It is a criminal offence to drop litter or dump rubbish, and offenders who are identified will be prosecuted. Clearing litter and the removal of illegal dumping is not our responsibility as the local council is responsible for the collection and disposal of waste material.
We urge people to ensure their bins are left out regularly for collection. If there are large items to be disposed of which cannot be easily transported to the nearest household reuse and recycling centre, contact Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council on 028 9267 3417 or 028 9049 4500 to arrange for a collection.
During a recent grounds walkabout James McBratney, Manager of the local office was saddened to see the rubbish, saying:
“During today’s walkabout we found a council bin dumped in a nearby woodland area along with other household items and abandoned children’s toys. No one likes to see this behaviour and it results in a poor reflection on the local area.
“The Housing Executive takes pride in its green space and does clear areas affected by littering. However, this is time consuming and costly.
“This is time and money which could be spent on improving homes.
“We would urge everyone to do their part in keeping our green areas tidy and litter free. There are some simple tips we can all follow … recycle what you can, arrange collection of large items, put bins out regularly and avoid overfilling them.”
If any householder has questions or queries regarding waste disposal they are encouraged to contact Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council who will be only too happy to discuss the matter – telephone 028 9267 3417 or 028 9049 4500.