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Safety Concerns in West Belfast – Are you at Risk?

Published: Mon, 3 Aug 2015
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Traffic signals at the shops on Stewartstown Road
Damage to traffic lights
Do you live in Lagmore, Poleglass or Twinbrook?
We want to make residents aware of recent incidents where young people are setting fire to the traffic signals along the main Stewartstown Road in West Belfast, and the effects this can have on local communities and residents’ personal safety.
At a recent meeting of the Colin Housing Providers Forum representatives from the Housing Executive, Fold Housing, Helm Housing, Clanmil Housing, Habinteg Housing, Choice Housing, PSNI, Belfast City Council Community Safety and Colin Safer Neighbourhood Partnership met to discuss this serious issue and the potential dangers to all local residents.
The warning comes after an increase in the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour being reported in the Lagmore, Poleglass and Twinbrook areas, particularly in relation to the traffic signals and concerns for public safety.  There have been over 20 reported incidents of young people setting the traffic lights on fire putting everyone’s lives at risk in the Stewartstown Road area.  This is a large main road with smaller roads feeding off into several estates on both sides, local schools and shopping areas that rely on the traffic controls to allow people to get there safely.
A number of young people have been identified as being involved in these incidents and we would urge all parents in the area to ensure their children, or any member of their household, are not taking part in this unacceptable behaviour.  Where we have been made aware that our tenants’ children may be involved, local staff have called with tenants to emphasise the dangers involved.
Please ensure your children or members of your household are not taking part in this unacceptable behaviour.  If a member of your household is caught and charged/convicted with anti-social behaviour, your tenancy may be at risk.
We work in partnership to ensure that everyone has access to a good affordable home in a safe and healthy community.  Incidents such as these will not be tolerated.  We would urge anyone with information on these incidents to report them directly to the Police on the non-emergency number, 101, or telephone our Dairy Farm Office on 03448 920 900.
Help keep your community safe – don’t disrupt the traffic signals.