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Good neighbours in Glen Ward

Published: Fri, 16 Jan 2015
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‘Good Neighbour Agreement’ certificate presentation is (l-r) John Gibson (Chair, Glen Ward Community Development Association), Margaret Cox (Secretary, Glen Ward Community Development Association) and Owen Brady (Housing Executive Area Manager).
Glen multi cultural day
Residents of Glen Ward have successfully completed an 18 month ‘Shared Communities’ programme with us.
To mark its conclusion Glen Ward Community Development Association hosted a multicultural event in the local primary school where our representatives presented them with their signed framed ‘Good Neighbour Agreement’.

The group from Glen Ward was keen everyone in the area had the opportunity to participate in the Shared Communities programme. They developed a varied programme of events which saw young people complete the Belfast Giants’ Giant Ambition and Leadership Programme, members of the area’s Women’s Group head to the North West to learn more about the history of Derry/Londonderry and an inter-generational visit to the renowned Ulster American Folk Park where Glen Ward families learned more about the challenges and opportunities of settling in a new place.
A number of events were organised locally which gave the group the chance to support local businesses by using their products and services as well as showcase the diversity of Northern Ireland today.
As part of their participation on the programme the Association supported a community survey undertaken by our Research Unit to assess attitudes to community relations and find out what residents feel the community needs. It has proved useful for the group as they develop plans to enhance the area’s community spirit.
John Gibson, from Glen Ward Community Development Association commented that the area “welcomed the opportunity to participate in the Shared Communities Programme” going on to say:
“We were delighted to work with the Housing Executive and extend our thanks for the opportunity provided. Our association has witnessed a definite increase in the community’s sense of belonging and an improvement of mutual respect and understanding.”
Deirdre Crawford from our Cohesion Team commented:
“Although Glen Ward’s participation on our Shared Communities Programme has come to an end, I look forward to hearing how the group develop their good relations plan within their community. On behalf of the Housing Executive I wish them well with their next steps.”