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West Belfast tenants' kitchens looking a treat

Published: Wed, 28 Jan 2015
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Left to right, Margaret Marley, Housing Executive, Anne McCullough, tenant and Michael Porter from Link Community Association.
Bingnian kitchen
We have completed further improvements in the West of the City, this time providing new kitchens for tenants in Andersonstown.
The kitchen replacement scheme began mainly in the Bearnagh and Bingnian areas of Andersonstown in September 2014. The scheme is actually ahead of schedule, and should be completed next month, thanks to our staff’s good communications with everyone involved and the work of the contractor, QMAC Construction. The scheme will see a total of 122 properties have their kitchens replaced, costing more than £460,000.
One of our tenants, Ms McCullough, of Bingnian Drive, was very happy with the results, saying:
“I am delighted with my new kitchen, it makes such an improvement to my home. It was great to be able to choose my own kitchen units, worktop and floor tiles. The contractor was very clean and tidy.”
The local community association worked closely with us throughout this scheme, and was very happy with everyone involved.

Dan Kelly from the Link Community Association, said:
“The recent kitchen replacement scheme in the middle Andersonstown area was very welcomed by the residents and although the replacement happened at what can be a stressful time for some (the Christmas period), the whole project ran smoothly, this is down to one simple thing: consultation. From the very inception of the scheme the Housing Executive involved the community through the Link Community Association, who facilitated meetings with all involved including the contractors. We were then able to keep the community informed of all aspects of the scheme through our bulletin. The Link also facilitated a weekly clinic where Pearse Linden, the Housing Officer for the area, took inquiries from local residents. If only all other bodies carrying out work in the area were to follow this module, the community would both have a say and feel included in changes to their area.”
There are currently two other kitchen replacement schemes ongoing in West Belfast, which will see 242 more homes receive new kitchens. Other schemes that tenants will benefit from in the coming months are six External Cyclical Maintenance (ECM) schemes and four heating replacement schemes, much improving the outside décor and the energy efficiency of our stock. Details of other completed schemes will follow in the coming months.