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Armagh's Art Attack

Published: Tue, 13 Oct 2015
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React - work in progress
React work in progress
We were delighted to be able to help some young people in Armagh with a new mural on Internet Safety.
During summer 2015 the Youth Safety Partnership hosted a project on Internet Safety, in partnership with NI Alternatives and facilitated by React, for young people from the Armagh City and area.
The young people took part in several training sessions about Internet Safety and to help reinforce their learning, as well as keep a constant visual reminder, they created a mural for their drop in centre.
Our DLO team were called upon to provide materials and paint for the group and they were pleased to help make the mural a reality.
React - final mural image
React final mural Armagh
Karen Maitland, Youth Safety Network Co-ordinator, expressed her thanks for our help saying:
“It was great to receive the materials to help create the mural. Those who took part in the project are delighted to have this visual representation of their vital internet safety training. Everyone involved greatly appreciates the Housing Executive’s contribution.”