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Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

Published: Thur, 29 Oct 2015
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This Energy Week we recommend you make sure your insulation is up to spec as it remains the best way to keep your energy bills down.
One of the most efficient and cost effective ways of looking after those pennies is insulating the important areas of your home.
If you insulate, you will most definitely accumulate - extra heat and reduce those fuel bills.  Make sure your loft has 270mm of insulation and if you’ve cavity walls find out if they have been filled.  
Location, Location, Location, may be the motto of many, change yours to insulation, insulation, insulation and make sure your nest is cosy this winter.  For free impartial advice on saving energy call 0800 1422 865.
What could you save?
Loft insulation
(0 to 270mm)
Loft insulation
(100 to 270mm)
Approximate saving per year Up to £175 £25
Installation cost £100 to £350 £100 to £350
Time taken to pay for itself Up to two years From four years
DIY cost £50 to £350 £50 to £350
Time taken to pay for itself Up to two years From two years
Carbon dioxide saving per year Around 720kg Around 110kg
Source: Estimates based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms, showing savings when you insulate an uninsulated loft, and when you top up 100mm of insulation to 270mm.