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Housing Executive backs TASCIT

Published: Fri, 4 Sep 2015
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Belfast City Hall
In condemnation of recent attacks.
The Housing Executive has joined a local community body in North Belfast in condemning attacks on a number of homes this week.
Three homes were attacked with paint on Wednesday night and the Housing Executive’s clean-up operation is underway to have the paint removed from the properties.
The incidents have been condemned by TASCIT.
Deirdre Crawford, Community Cohesion Manager with the Housing Executive, said:
“We condemn the attacks on the Woodvale and Ardoyne area and we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the TASCIT representatives.”
In a statement TASCIT said:
“The TASCIT (Twaddell Ardoyne Shankill Communities In Transition) is an IFI Peacewalls  project which seeks  to create the conditions where residents  feel confident that they can live without risk to or from their immediate neighbours and can move forward together in a process of mutual benefit.  
“The  TASCIT partnership unreservedly condemn the recent attacks on homes on the Crumlin Road ( 02/09/15) and all the attacks on homes and property in the Crumlin Road/ Woodvale  areas over the past number of weeks.
“These attacks are not supported by any section of our community and we are confident that these attacks are emanating from activity from young people engaged in anti-social and anti-community behaviour. This activity is unwanted by both sections of our community and especially those residents who have been on the receiving end of these attacks.
“We appeal to those engaged in this behaviour to stop immediately. While this may appear to be fun to you, this is not the case for those residents who have had to endure these attacks yet again. The TASCIT partnership appeals to everyone with any influence to assist in bringing an end to this unacceptable behaviour.”