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Meet our Head of Communities

Published: Tue, 29 Sep 2015
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Jennifer Hawthorne, our Head of Communities, 'photobombed' by two of the young artists from Strabane whose work will be showcased as part of Community Relations Week 2015.
Jennifer photobombed
Jennifer Hawthorne is our Head of Income and Communities and leads the Community Cohesion team.
I have been working in cohesion…
For 8 years and am passionately committed to this work. It is a joy to work for the Housing Executive in this role as it is a key priority for this organisation and we are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve.
The Community Cohesion team’s core aim is…
To contribute to a more peaceful and inclusive society by helping tenants feel safe, connected and involved. We know a difference can be made in communities when local people are supported to take action and work with others in a spirit of neighbourliness and we are committed to helping our neighbourhoods become strong, vibrant and united through our work in this vital area.
We have a number of objectives…
We work across 5 cohesion themes:
  1. Segregation/Integration
  2. Race Relations
  3. Communities in Transition
  4. Interface Areas
  5. Flags, Emblems and Sectional Symbols
And it is our work across all these themes that we believe can help our communities become open and welcoming to all and threatening to no one.
The most satisfying part of my cohesion work…
Dealing with our residents who never cease to inspire me with their vision, bravery and desire to make their communities better.