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Artwork bonanza for Fintona

Published: Fri, 26 Jun 2015
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Pictured l-r are local community volunteer, Pauline Camac, with Oonagh McAvinney and Marilyn Giboney from the Housing Executive.
Fintona mural unveiled
Ashfield Gardens Residents’ Group in Fintona has had two dilapidated murals replaced and a new one added to their community house, thanks to us.
The finished artworks explore Fintona's heritage, music and cultural diversity and space exploration and help represent the hopes and aspirations in the community. The Fintona Mural Project was funded nearly £3,500 through our Community Cohesion team.
Our Area Manager, Oonagh McAvinney, recently unveiled the new art with the help of some of the young people involved and the artist who worked with them, Eoin McGinn.
Eoin’s inspiration for the new history mural came from talking with older people in the area who remembered trams and a photograph he subsequently found of a tram in use in the 50s.  
A series of workshops in the spring, involving young people who live in Fintona, teased out what their interests and aspirations for their community as well as the type of artwork they would like to see when they visited or passed the Community House.
Inspiration for the music and diversity image came when young people began to paint a portrait of someone wearing headphones which evolved to a face in different colours to represent multiculturalism. In the final piece this was further expanded to use welcome in different languages.
The third mural, space exploration, again came from the area’s young people. The artist developed the piece as he felt today’s young people will witness many exciting feats for mankind as exploration of the solar system continues.
At the unveiling Oonagh McAvinney, the Housing Executive Area Manager, commented:
“I was delighted to be invited to unveil the artwork in Fintona which our Community Cohesion Unit funded. The music and cultural diversity and space exploration artworks are a real testament to the creativity, openness and aspirations of Fintona’s young people.
“I hope everyone in the community takes an opportunity to stop by and look at what’s been created.”
Local community volunteers, Sandra Fisher and Pauline Camac were both thrilled with the new artwork. Sandra went on to comment:
“The artwork on the community house was well past its use by date. The opportunity to involve people from across the community to create something new was terrific. Our community house looks so well and it has given a real sense of pride and ownership to the association.
“We were delighted to be given the funding and I’d like to thank the Housing Executive for their support of this initiative.”
Commenting on the project our Good Relations Officer, Marilyn Giboney, said:
“We were pleased to support this project which has resulted in such terrific pieces of art, a lasting legacy for the whole community. Whilst they do serve a decorative purpose there is a serious positive message too.  
“The community in Fintona has shown it welcomes diversity, is looking to the future but can still appreciate in the past. I trust this project will spur them on to greater initiatives.”