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For lower cost oil, join our club

Published: Thur, 25 Jun 2015
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Pictured at an event in St Patrick's Hall Strabane promoting the oil buying club initiative to the local community are Stephen Hunter (Bryson Energy), Noel McNulty (NIHE) and Raymond Gormley (Bryson Energy).
Strabane oil club
Bryson Energy are working with us in partnership with local community groups to establish a network of oil buying clubs across Northern Ireland.
A number of clubs have already been established, the most recent in Strabane. The club is being managed by Bryson Energy through Strabane Community Projects.
Mourne Oil Club, funded by us and managed by Bryson Energy, is open to all - Housing Executive tenants, owner-occupiers, housing association tenants and those who privately rent. It’s free to join and members can expect savings between £15 and £30 on their orders.
Maree Devlin from Strabane Community Projects is pleased the group has taken on the initiative saying:
“It is a simple premise; the more people who buy oil together the more we can reduce the cost.
“Each month we’ll call for orders, a household can order as little as 200 litres, and when we put all the orders together the club can negotiate a better price.  Savings are then passed on to oil club members.”
Our Energy Conservation Manager, Noel Rice, is delighted with the latest club to be founded commenting:
“The Housing Executive believes an oil buying club is an excellent way to help a household reduce the cost of oil, budget for more regular smaller deliveries and save. I wish Mourne Oil Club every success.”
Meanwhile, Raymond Gormley from Bryson Energy
“Oil is the main fuel for almost 70% of homes in Northern Ireland and its price remains changeable. We are delighted with the positive response in Strabane to date and look forward to organising the first fill and everyone seeing the benefits of collective oil buying.”
To join Mourne Oil Buying Club contact Maree Devlin / Louise Boyce on 028 7188 3102 or email. Alternatively, text your details to Bryson Energy on 079 3984 3716 or email.
The Housing Executive and Bryson want to encourage more clubs so if you’re part of a community group interested in this initiative contact Raymond Gormley, Bryson Energy’s Oil Club Manager, on T: 028 9073 4272 or go to the Bryson Energy website for more information.