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For lower cost oil join our club

Published: Tue, 30 Jun 2015
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Pictured at one of the first homes in Richmount to benefit from collective oil buying are Robert Clements (Housing Executive) Joe Garvey (Chair Richmount Oil Club); Daphne and Mervyn Hegarty who were the first to purchase via Richmount Oil Club; Ruth McFadden (Richmount Oil Club Secretary); Victor Hanthorn (Vice Chair Richmount Oil Club) and Jenna Coey (Bryson Energy).
Richmond oil club
Households living in Richmount (near Portadown) benefitted recently from reduced heating costs.
They saved over 10% on oil as a result of an initiative by the Housing Executive and Bryson Energy working in partnership with Richmount Rural Community Association.
Richmount Oil Club operates in the rural area of greater Richmount outside Portadown. The club, funded by us and managed by Bryson Energy, is open to all - our tenants, owner-occupiers, housing association tenants and those who privately rent. It’s free to join and members can expect savings of up to 10% on their orders.
Welcoming the scheme for Richmount, Social Development Minister, Mervyn Storey MLA, said:
“Oil buying clubs offer people the opportunity to join with others in buying their home heating oil in bulk, achieving a better price than smaller, more costly refills. This is particularly useful in rural areas where there is a heavy dependence on oil.
“I commend the Housing Executive and Bryson Energy for undertaking this initiative and congratulate Richmount Rural Community Association for championing the oil club in their area.”
Joe Garvey, Chair of Richmount Rural Community Association, is pleased the group has taken on the initiative saying:
“It is a simple premise; the more people buy oil together the more we can reduce the cost. Each month a household can buy as little as 200 litres of oil, when we put all of the orders together we can agree a better price and pass on the savings to all.
“This month our members saved over 10% which was £20 on a fill of 500 litres.”
Our Energy Conservation Manager, Noel Rice, is delighted with the progress oil buying clubs are making and commented:
“The Housing Executive believes an oil buying club is an excellent way to help a household reduce the cost of oil, budget for more regular smaller deliveries and save money. I wish Richmount Oil Club every success.”
Meanwhile, Raymond Gormley from Bryson Energy said:
“Oil is the main fuel for almost 70% of homes in Northern Ireland and its price remains changeable. We are delighted with the positive response from those living in the Richmount area and with the results from the first fill.”
To join Richmount Oil Buying Club contact Joe Garvey mobile 079 3418 6635 email. Alternatively text 079 3984 3716 or email.