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Sion Mills junior wardens on tour

Published: Tue, 2 Jun 2015
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Sion MIlls Primary six students on a tour of the village
Sion Mills junior wardens
Sion Mills Primary School pupils took time out from class recently to take part in a tour of their village as part of our Junior Warden Project.
The tours, led by Ruth Heaney and Harry Friars from Sion Stables, took the primary six students on the walk, stopping and sharing stories about some of the most famous buildings that line the two sides of the main village street – including The Church of the Good Shepherd, Sion House and of course the Mill itself.
The tours are part of the wider Junior Warden Project; which aims to increase school children’s sense of community and social responsibility. The children have taken part in anti-social behaviour talks, an ASB poster competition and a neighbourhood clean-up. They are currently completing a photography project.
Our Social Education Officer, Patrick Duddy, said:
“The tours are a vital component in the Junior Warden project. They give the children a chance to see their own village in a new light and shows them the rich history and heritage that they are helping to look after.
“Sion Stables is a new exciting attraction in Tyrone. Situated in the recently restored Stables block of Sion House, it offers a chance to stop, relax and learn about the history of this beautiful village and the wider surrounding area in modern, comfortable surroundings,” he added.
The Sion Stables museum and exhibition area is dedicated to telling the history of Sion Mills, Herdmans Mill and the 170 years of linen production that occurred in the village.