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Working together to give victims hope

Published: Thur, 25 Jun 2015
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Balloons being released to represent the number of deaths over the last 10 years due to domestic violence
Balloons for Domestic Violence
Last Thursday saw the Colin Domestic Violence Forum mark the 10th anniversary of the Circle of Hope event.
The event took place at the Leap of Faith sculpture on Stewartstown Road, Belfast.
Organised by the Footprints Women’s Centre and supported by us and our local Dairy Farm office, the Circle of Hope event has been held at various locations over the years along the Stewartstown Road to highlight the issue of domestic violence and how it affects communities. Everyone invited gathered at the Leap of Faith sculpture, where 53 balloons were released to represent the number of reported fatalities due to domestic violence over the last ten years. A brief talk on the impacts of domestic violence then followed, before refreshments were served at the Housing Executive Dairy Farm office.
This year’s event to mark the 10th anniversary was also the perfect opportunity to launch the Colin area as the first ‘Safe Place Community’ in Northern Ireland. The Colin area will give those affected by domestic violence easy access to advice, information and support.
The event was very well attended and supported by the local community, including Colin Neighbourhood Partnership, Cloverhill Hostel, De Paul Floating Support and local MLA, Jennifer McCann. We are pleased to be able to offer its conference room facilities to provide refreshments, and staff were happy to be involved in this annual event again.
The Dairy Farm local office manager, John McMaster, was also there on the day, and commented:
“The Housing Executive is keen to support the Colin community and anyone in housing need, as domestic violence is often linked to housing issues. We are a key player in helping those affected by domestic violence get their life back on track, and will continue to support the local community as much as possible.”
For further details on the Safe Place Initiative you may wish to contact the Colin Domestic Violence Forum or speak to anyone at the Footprints Women’s Centre. Anyone who needs advice and assistance on housing issues can also contact their local Housing Executive office or telephone 03448 920 900. The office serving the Colin community is located at the Dairy Farm, Stewartstown Road, Belfast BT17 0SR.
Left to right: Gillian Gibson, Footprints, John McMaster, Dairy Farm Assistant Manager, Niamh O’Hara, Paula Irvine, Footprints, Danielle Hughes, NIHE, Pol Brennan, De Paul Floating Support, Patricia Rice, Maggie Trainor, NIHE and Jennifer McCann MLA.
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