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Blooming Marvellous

Published: Tue, 31 Mar 2015
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Surveying the work at Ginny’s Way in Comber
Ginnys Way
Ginny’s Way used to be a rough unkempt piece of land near Comber village which attracted anti-social behaviour.
Today, however, it is a lovely parkland landscape thanks to our efforts in partnership with the local community.
Over the past year our grounds maintenance team has helped the community create an oasis of calm for those living in the area.  We invested £20,000 in resurfacing 500m of pathway and the Grounds Maintenance team thinned out over 3,000m2 of woodland planting.  Along the pathway the team planted an avenue of over 100 native trees including elm, crab apple and birch as well as a 150m hornbeam hedge and some acers.  To complement this work they planted 225,000 bulbs including daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses.
Recently members of the local community group joined our staff to inspect the work carried out to date and admire the floral display.  
Commenting on behalf of De Wind / Cherry Valley Resident’s Association, Roberta Campbell, said:
“We’re delighted with the new look Ginny’s Way.  It is proving a terrific asset to the local community as it encourages them to get up and outside, to enjoy the fresh air and a nature walk.  
“On behalf of the local community I’d like to thank the Housing Executive for their support of the area and we look forward to working with them on developing Ginny’s Walk further.”
Owen Brady, our Area Manager, was also delighted with the results of the Grounds Maintenance team’s efforts going on to say:
“The Housing Executive is about more than ‘bricks and mortar’ it is about transforming people’s life which includes ensuring the whole environment is welcoming.  I’d like to pay tribute to the local community for their continued support of this transformation and our Grounds Maintenance team for their hard work and diligence.”