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Junior Wardens 'On Tour'

Published: Thur, 19 Mar 2015
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Children from the Model Primary School in Derry-Londonderry on the junior warden tour.
Model Primary School Junior Wardens
500 junior wardens are due to hit the city streets over the next few weeks as they go on tour of their own city.
The whirlwind tours take the children on a journey right around the city touching on all the major events from the arrival of Columcille, through the Plantation of Ulster, and the Siege of Derry; Emigration; the Industrial Era of Shipbuilding and Shirt Making, the city’s role in World War Two, and right through the Troubles and the Peace Process to current day.
The tours are part of the Housing Executive and Policing & Community Safety Partnership funded junior warden project.
Led by Michael Cooper, of Derry Blue Badge Tours, the tour aims to encourage junior wardens to see their city as visiting tourists would. It highlights the important historical and cultural landmarks and ongoing regeneration, whilst taking many of them to parts of the city they had never been to before, with the aim of instilling a new sense of pride in their home city.
Our Social Education officer, Patrick Duddy, said:
“The tours are a vital component in the Junior Warden project, enabled by the funding the project receives from the PCSP.
“The project also aims to encourage young people to take ownership of their surroundings and become more responsible and committed in making their community a safer and cleaner place in which to live.”
In addition to the tours the Junior Wardens will take part in anti-social behaviour talks, poster competitions, environmental days and a photography project.