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More support services in place for local women

Published: Thur, 12 Mar 2015
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Mark Alexander NIHE, Lynne Moody, Causeway Women’s Aid, Sharon Burnett, Women’s Aid & Carolyn Crawford, NIHE.
Woman's Aid
Women’s Aid in Causeway has employed a further three support workers in the area, thanks to additional funding from our Supporting People programme.
Many women find that they are homeless or threatened with homelessness as a result of domestic violence. These new posts will ensure that twice as many women and children in the Causeway area are able to access support services each month.
Currently, 30 women each month are helped by floating support services but the new resources will ensure that 65 women will have access to much needed support.
We have worked in partnership with Causeway Women’s Aid for many years to ensure that women and children are able to access safe accommodation and establish independent lives.
The additional staff delivering floating support services will assist victims of domestic violence living in the community to gain and maintain tenancies therefore ensuring that the partnership between the two organisations combats homelessness and addresses the many issues arising from experiencing domestic violence.
This long-term partnership is well established and has worked to the benefit of hundreds of women and children.  
Sharon Burnett, Management Coordinator for Causeway Women’s Aid, said:
“We are delighted to be able to extend our existing floating support project, which has been successful to date. This additional resource comes after increased referral levels received in Causeway Women’s Aid for women living in the community who need this vital support.
“The vision of combating homelessness that we and the Housing Executive share means that we can draw on the expertise of both organisations and ensure that we support women living in our community who are threatened with homelessness because of domestic violence.”
Mark Alexander, our Area Manager for Causeway, said:
“Supporting vulnerable members of our society is at the heart of our work. Support services, such as those we fund through our Supporting People programme and delivered by Women’s Aid in Causeway, are valuable and vital to local families.”
Anne Sweeney, our Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships, said:
“Floating Support schemes such as this one in the Causeway area are key to our delivery of the Supporting People and Homelessness strategies, through providing housing support to allow women to access safe accommodation. We are pleased to be able to provide further funding to support this valuable service.”
If you require support as a result of domestic Violence please contact the 24 hour Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline on 0808 802 1414