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Loving the SPACE

Published: Fri, 22 May 2015
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Pictured from SPACE are Allison Slater and Aine McKeown with Eileen Grant of the Housing Executive
Newry Space Supporting Communities
‘Love Your Space’ Newry’s Retro Vintage Charity Shop with a Difference has been supported by us with a £4,800 community grant.
Love Your Space takes pre-loved goods to up-cycle and sell. It is the social enterprise arm of SPACE (Supporting People and Communities Everyday) which reaches out to anyone in need helping them overcome difficulties and build a better future.
We are a responsible landlord supporting tenants where and when they need it to ensure they maintain a roof over their heads. SPACE’s ethos and services is a good fit as they are able to supply furniture and electrical goods to those in need; something which is particularly useful for someone with a new tenancy. When the group was expanding the initiative it approached the us for a community grant.
Local Community Officer, Eileen Grant, was pleased the team was able to support SPACE commenting:
“We have worked in partnership with SPACE for a number of years, actively referring people for additional support through its family support hubs so we were familiar with their work and ethos.
“When SPACE made their application to the Housing Executive’s Community Grant initiative to develop ‘Love Your Space’ the team had no hesitation in supporting the enterprise.”
The Director of SPACE, Jacinta Linden, is thrilled SPACE was awarded the grant saying:
“There has been good mutual support between the Housing Executive and SPACE over the years. We were delighted to have received the grant as it has proved a valuable boost to our work.
“For us an important add-on has been the fostering of a sense of all-round connectedness between the Statutory and Voluntary sectors in the Newry area.”
Love Your Space is located on Monaghan St in Newry. It’s open Monday to Friday 9-5pm and welcomes items for upcycling.