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Don’t re-open solid fires

Published: Sat, 31 Jan 2015
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We're urging tenants not to re-open a solid fuel fire.
While during this winter weather it may be tempting to open a previously closed solid fuel fire, it is extremely dangerous to do so.  
If a fireplace has been closed for many years it may not have been maintained or cleaned.  Should it be reopened it poses a substantial health and safety risk as the existing flue may not be suitable for the fuel being used, it may need to be repaired or indeed replaced entirely as it may be blocked or cracked.
These problems could cause a home, and any adjoining property, to go on fire.  It could potentially see carbon monoxide leak into the home poisoning those in residence.
Gerry Flynn our Director of Landlord Services, commented:
“Open fires which have been closed or have not been maintained properly should never be reopened and used.  If there is a fault you could cause serious injury or even death.
“We would advise any tenant thinking of opening their fire not to do so.  If a tenant has any concerns they should contact their local office on 03448 920 900.”