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Energy efficiency schools programme

Published: Fri, 23 Jan 2015
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Elaine Brownlee, education advisor with Bryson Energy working with some of 8000 primary school pupils who participated.
Bryson Energy schools programme
8,000 Primary school children in over 270 schools tackle energy efficiency in our Energy Efficiency Education Programme.
Does your TV use electricity when it’s on standby? Just one of the questions the 8,000 school children answered as they participated in our energy efficiency education programme.
Noel Rice, our Energy Conservation Manager explained:
“As the Home Energy Conservation Authority for Northern Ireland we want to promote energy efficiency where we can. The issue of fuel poverty and the need to save energy isn’t going away. The programme is designed to inspire children in Key Stage 2 - classes P5, P6 and P7 to take action to tackle energy efficiency both in schools and at home. We considered that teaching children how to be energy efficient was more important than ever before.”
“Funded by the Housing Executive the schools programme is delivered through our partnership with Bryson Energy. During 2014 the programme was delivered to 277 primary schools throughout Northern Ireland.”
“The programme examines how energy is generated, different types of fuel, insulation, renewable energy, pollution, climate change, the effects of global warming and how to be more energy efficient in everyday activities such as simply turning off lights, TVs and computer games when not in use. The programme is fun and interactive using quizzes and fact sheets and encourages pupils to monitor energy used in the classroom and at home.”
The overall aim is for the children to bring the energy efficiency message into their homes for the whole family. By getting them involved in saving energy at a young age, they are not just learning for the future, but can help saving money on energy costs within the home, reduce pollution, and develop responsible attitudes towards the environment.
The scheme has been running for the last 12 years.