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Ballintoy residents make a splash!

Published: Mon, 5 Nov 2018
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Chair Margaret Reid with the Young @ Heart group at one of the six new mosaics
Ballintoy Young at Heart
The Ballintoy Young @ Heart group created six beautiful mosaics thanks to funding from us.
Earlier this month, residents came together to unveil the new community artwork created by the over 55s group in the village.
The project took place over several months, as the group designed and made six mosaics which are now being proudly displayed on Main Street.
The group received over £2,500 from our Community Grant Scheme which they used to hold mosaic workshops in the local community centre.
Margaret Reid, chairperson of Ballintoy Young @ Heart, explains why the project has been so successful:
“Everyone was able to participate, regardless of their age or ability. This is extremely important as it meant that all the members of the group could put their own stamp on each of the mosaics.
“Although they took months to make, the hours flew by! We had great fun discussing why living in Ballintoy is so special and how we wanted to showcase this through our artwork.
“You are never too old to learn a new skill and I am delighted that the Housing Executive was able to support this fantastic project.”
Mark Alexander, our Causeway Area Manager, said:
“Projects like these are so important in rural communities as they help tackle isolation and promote civic pride.
“I am thrilled that the Ballintoy Young @ Heart group was able to use funding from our Community Grant Scheme to create these wonderful pieces of art. The mosaics really add to the unique charm and character of this beautiful coastal village.”
Got 90 seconds?
Then why not watch a short video on the mosaic