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Drumgor Youth Project gets Housing Executive lifeline

Published: Tue, 23 Aug 2016
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Joanne Donnelly, David Ginesi and Magda Piedel, Drumgor Detached Youth Work Project
Young people in the Brownlow area of Craigavon who may be socially excluded and at risk are being targeted for support through the Drumgor Detached Youth Work Project seven days a week, 364 days per year, from 6 to 10pm.
Thanks to funding from the Housing Executive this work has been able to continue.
As a result of the funding a new member of the team was recruited and it acted as a catalyst to create a programme for young people who had or were considering living independently
Those who participated in the programme looked at the implications of living on their own including sourcing a secure tenancy, their rights and responsibilities with this, how much they might have to live on and various aspects of health and well-being.  
Budgeting and money management proved an eye-opener for all involved.  The basic of how to and the necessity for opening a bank account were looked at as well as prioritising of spending which proved a turning point for many as they recognised why priorities should change considerably.
Having an opportunity to really make an informed decision about which route their life might take was an important outcome of the programme. Some of the participants were able to go ahead and take on a tenancy with a greater capacity to maintain it whilst others recognised they had to rethink this step and wait until they were in a better personal position before taking a tenancy on.
Our local Area Manager, Denise McNally, said:
“I was pleased to recommend supporting the group’s application for funding.  The project delivers a unique and valuable service to young people in Brownlow many of whose families are our tenants.
"They developed a programme which empowered young people to make informed decisions on what they want to do next in the lives and I commend all involved.”
The work of the project can continue thanks to Housing Executive funding
David Ginesi of Drumgor Detached Youth Work Project said:
“We were delighted to receive the award of £20,000 from the Housing Executive to allow the project to continue.  It helped us keep the work we were doing going as we pursued other funding streams to support our project over the longer-term.”
The work of the five youth workers with Drumgor Detached Youth Work Project continues in Brownlow with positive feedback from both the young people and their families.
"The youth workers recognised that help is needed for young people to develop the skills needed to live independently and through the scheme those participating have been able to work through subjects they had not thought of previously.