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New art for Campsie

Published: Wed, 24 Aug 2016
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Campsie mural artist Gerry Bradley with his daughter
Overlooking Campsie River Omagh a 30 metre stretch of wall, opposite the Memorial Garden, has received a makeover.
The Housing Executive invested in the project as part of its community cohesion work which sees the local community and a neglected piece of wall benefitting from a new ceramic art installation.
The art’s imagery includes salmon, wildflowers, forget-me-nots and a girl on a swing all of which were important to the people of the Campsie/Omagh area as they represent the river, local flora, those who have died and the children’s playpark.
The artwork was created by local artist, Gerry Bradley, who is no stranger to such work as he was involved in creating the highly successful ceramic artwork which now marks the entrance to Strule Park and Centenary Park. He developed the mural after a series of consultation workshops held at Campsie Hub for a variety of groups from the area.
The project involved members of the Saturday Club, different ethnic minority groups living in the area, youth groups and groups aimed at older people. By working together to create the mural a lasting legacy of good relations has been created by the community for the community.
Local Area Manager, Eddie Doherty, said:
“Investing in communities to help transform people’s lives is important to the Housing Executive.  We want to help build stronger communities and not just in terms of bricks and mortar.
"By helping the Residents’ Association in Campsie take a step closer to realising their vision the Housing Executive’s mission is being supported. The artwork is terrific and I am pleased we were able to invest in the community’s latest cohesion activity.”
Campsie mural launch
Hazel McGuigan from Campsie Residents’ Association said:
“We are delighted with this new artwork for Campsie. It is an outward sign of the area’s continuing transformation encouraging people to want to continue to live in, work and play together.  
“The Residents’ Association has a vision for a shared future built on a foundation of respect and mutual understanding and projects such as these are helping to bring this to fruition.
"Local groups have been keen to come forward with their ideas and our artist in residence, Gerard Bradley, has truly reflected their thoughts in this piece. I’d like to thank him, and in particular the Housing Executive, for helping us take this important step forward in Campsie’s development.”
The launch event was a combined effort from all the groups involved. Under the watchful eye of Ann McCullagh, an artist who focuses on working with children with special needs, helped the Saturday Club create bunting to festoon the area which was then sown together by the Sewing Club. The bunting’s design represented both homes and business in the area and was made possible by the Home Décor Centre which supplied the material.