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Making it beautiful

Published: Mon, 29 Feb 2016
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Pictured are Ellen McGarry, John Leathem and Malachy Brennan (Housing Executive) with Cllr Frank McCoubrey and local resident Julie Annette.
St Lukes Walk
Courtyards off the Shankill Road have been transformed by us.
Our staff consulted with the local community about what they would like to see in a number of areas owned by it which are located near their homes off the Shankill Road.
As a result its Belfast Grounds Maintenance team has, so far, completed the revamp of three courtyards and work is being carried out on a further four which is due to be completed by April 2016.
When finished, this £121k investment in the area by our Grounds Maintenance team will see flower beds planted with a range of shrubs to give colour and texture throughout the year, grass laid and raised beds installed.
The planting will add a welcome splash of colour in coming years as our Grounds Maintenance Manager for Belfast, Malachy Brennan, explains:
“Apart from maintaining many thousands of homes throughout Northern Ireland, the Housing Executive is also responsible for the upkeep of much of the land in and around its homes and estates.
“This task generally goes unnoticed, but the long term benefits are important. Projects like this go a long way in helping to improve the physical environment of a neighbourhood, encourages communities to take pride in their area and provides our tenants with communal area which they can share.”
Julie Annette, one of our tenants who lives nearby, said:
“It has made a world of difference to the area. It’s good for the area and great for tourists who are visiting.  When they are walking through the park to the Shankill I have noticed them stop to look at what’s been done.”
The Belfast Grounds Maintenance team is coming into its busy season and in addition to this has a variety of projects planned for across the City over the coming year as well as continuing to maintain the green spaces which we have responsibility for.