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Help for tenants with winter proofing for homes

Published: Fri, 16 Dec 2016
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Winter warning: Linda Watson (right) Chair of the Central Housing Forum, Colm McQuillan, our Assistant Director of Housing Services and Patricia McQuillan, Vice Chair of the Central Housing Forum providing advice and guidance to residents in advance of a winter freeze.
Winter proof
A message of winter safety is being delivered to residents across Northern Ireland.
Advice leaflets on winter-proofing homes, published by Northern Ireland Water are being distributed by the Northern Ireland Central Housing Forum, the Housing Executive’s consultative panel.
Special Stop Valve Markers, to help locate key pipes in the event of a winter freeze, have also been created.
Our Assistant Director of Housing Services, Colm McQuillan, said;
“We’re always keen to prepare our tenants for any eventuality and while it has been generally mild this winter so far, we don’t know what the rest of the winter has in store.
“This is an excellent way of getting tenants ready for any potential downturn in the weather and we hope the message gets across loud and clear.”
Linda Watson, Chair of the Central Housing Forum, explained:
“Our weather can be unpredictable and good preparation in advance of a winter freeze is always better than emergency work in the aftermath.“
“Working in partnership with NI Water, we deliver this important safety message every year and we help supply the Stop Valve Markers to local homes.”
NI Water Chief Executive Sarah Venning said:
“The devastation caused by burst pipes cannot be underestimated.“
“Not only can the water cause structural damage to a property, but the lasting damage in a home can be to personal items, including photographs and electrical equipment such as tablets, iPads and laptops, that may not be replaceable.
“On a wider scale, if you imagine the impact of thousands of litres of water pouring out of burst water pipes; any water distribution network would struggle to maintain continuity of supply in those circumstances.“
“Insulating your pipework is an essential action to protect your water supply and that of your neighbours.
‘‘Don’t Wait – Insulate.’’