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More ways to pay us your way

Published: Thur, 7 Apr 2016
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Our Director of Landlord Services, Gerry Flynn, and Head of Income and Communities, Jennifer Hawthorne, highlight the various ways our tenants can pay their rent
Payments Promotion
We have made it simpler for tenants to pay their rent.
There are now eight ways for our tenants to pay their rent: Direct Debit, via our website, at a nearby PayPoint outlet, Allpay – 24/7 telephone service, by phoning the local office, the Allpay Payment App, Textpay and standing order.
Each option offers tenants a safe, convenient method of paying.  
Gerry Flynn, Director of Landlord Services, commented:
“We've listened to what our tenants have said to our staff in local offices and made it even easier when it comes to paying rent to us. Whilst direct debit is perhaps now our most flexible method of payment I am pleased our tenants have the chance to choose from a range of payment options so they can find the best one to suit them.”
The Housing Executive’s local offices and accounts teams can be contacted on 03448 920 900 (text phone 18001 03448 920 900) with questions or queries about the various ways to pay. If anyone is having difficulty, the Housing Executive’s accounts team can also provide initial, confidential help and advice.