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Blooming beautiful

Published: Fri, 3 Jun 2016
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Local residents, Julie Murphy and Jade, with gardener, Gerard Fox and other Fox Park residents Rebecca, Callum, Conan, Chloe, Ciaron, Jack and Sally Mulholland.
Fox Park group
Fox Park in Drumnakilly will bloom this summer, thanks to the hard work of local residents who have been putting their green fingers to good use.
This investment from our Community Cohesion Team has meant baskets and buckets of blooms are now dotted across the estate to provide a colourful welcome to all.
Local people wanted to improve their estate’s environment so everyone would benefit from the beauty. They also wanted to bring neighbours together and to cement new and long standing friendships. They worked with a gardener from a local nursery who came to the estate’s Community House and helped residents fill baskets and pots which now stand pride of place at their homes’ entrance.
No one was excluded from this project as the gardener and helpful neighbours filled pots for those unable to attend which the Residents’ Committee then delivered.
Receiving a flower pot from Chloe for outside her home is Mary Maguire.
Fox Park presenting pots
Eddie Doherty, our Area Manager, said:
“We were delighted to support this initiative by the residents of Fox Park. It was a great way to bring people together for a fun event that has obviously benefitted residents. It is a lovely rural estate which has been made even nicer with the planting.”
Sally Mulholland, from Fox Park Residents Association, said:
“The planting event was well supported by all ages and you can feel the increased sense of pride among residents. I’ve seen some of the younger members of our community take on responsibility for the planters by watering and weeding which I am delighted about.
“Our estate looks fantastic thanks to the support of the residents, our gardener from Maine Nursery and, of course, the Housing Executive. Let’s hope the summer will be good do we can really get the benefit from our flowers.”