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Scrabo makeovers

Published: Wed, 11 May 2016
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Enjoying the Community Garden are Scrabo Residents Association members Davy McAlonan and Denis Hawthorne with Stephen Munn, Owen Brady, Donald Hoodless (Chairman) and Gary Hilliard along with George Campbell.
Scrabo Chair and team
Our Grounds Maintenance team has helped transform two areas of the Scrabo estate with an environmental make over.
After consultation with local residents through the Scrabo Residents Association, our team has invested nearly £30,000 to clear what were unsightly spaces in the estate and have created areas which local residents can enjoy.
At Dromena Gardens two overgrown grass areas were renovated to create a community garden which all residents may avail of. The team cleared the area, built a raised bed, installed a summer seat and created a planting scheme to give interest throughout the year.
Meanwhile at the cul-de-sacs of Lisleen Place and Myola Place the grass areas had been destroyed with deep tracks in the ground. During April the team replaced the grass with small pavers to make a hard-surface area and finished it off by planting trees and creating raised beds to give colour, form and texture across the seasons.
The planting in each area will add a welcome splash of colour in coming years as our Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, Gary Hilliard, explains:
Welcoming the improvements at Lisleen Place/Myola Place are Scrabo Residents Association members Davy McAlonan and George Campbell, with Gary Hilliard along with Denis Hawthorne and local residents June Blaney and Margaret Norris.
Scrobo Grounds Maintenance
“Apart from maintaining many thousands of homes throughout Northern Ireland, the Housing Executive is also responsible for the upkeep of much of the land in and around its homes and estates.
“This task generally goes unnoticed, but the long term benefits are important. Projects like these go a long way in helping to improve the physical environment of a neighbourhood, encouraging communities to take pride in their area and provide our tenants with communal area which they can share.”
Davy McAlonan, Chair of Scrabo Residents’ Association and one of our tenants who lives near the two areas, said:
“Our Residents’ Association has been campaigning for a while for the hard surface area to be created in Lisleen Place and Myola Place. We are delighted the Housing Executive has supported us and it’s already having a positive impact. The Community Garden is also receiving terrific feedback from local residents who have said it’s a super use of the space and great place to sit to enjoy the good weather.”
The Grounds Maintenance team’s busy season has started and in addition to this has a variety of projects planned for across the South East over the coming year as well as continuing to maintain the green spaces which we have responsibility for.