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Solar panels leading light in tackling fuel poverty

Published: Mon, 28 Nov 2016
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(from Left) Saliis Ltd Managing Director Michael Burke, our Tenant Sandra McCrory, our Director for Regional Services Siobhan McCauley and Sustainable Development Manager Robert Clements.
Solar panel scheme
Our householders who participated in the Solar Photovoltaic scheme this year availed of potential savings of over £225,000 from their electric bills.
In an innovative green project to reduce fuel poverty, working in partnership with Carryduff based Saliis Ltd; over 1,000 of our homes have been installed with solar photo voltaic (PV) systems. Since January, over 2.74 million kw/h of energy has been produced by these homes.
On average, households involved in the scheme have potential savings of £20 of electricity per month. This equates to an average total of £226,066 over a 12 month period across all the PV systems installed into our properties which will operate for 20 years
Under the ‘rent a roof’ model, Saliis Ltd pays for the installation and maintenance of the solar PV panels with our tenants benefitting of free electricity. This is the largest domestic renewable solar PV installation in Northern Ireland.
So far, £5million has been invested within the local economy as a result of the PV panels system which was introduced in November last year.
Our Director for Regional Services Siobhan McCauley said:
“Fuel poverty remains a major issue for many of our tenants. One of the main causes is fluctuating fuel prices coupled with low household income. It is therefore important to explore efficient and sustainable solutions to tackle fuel poverty
“As Northern Ireland’s Home Energy Conservation Authority, the installation of the solar PV panels on our households is helping to reduce the carbon footprint, save tenants money and combat energy inefficiency.”
“Great feedback has been given by our tenants, who are able to see how much energy their homes are producing through the PV panels scheme.
“This innovative approach has not only transformed people’s lives by saving on their energy bills, but is a clear example of investment in our homes and neighbourhoods.”
Sandra McCrory, who is our tenant who has benefitted from the initiative said:
“I am really delighted to have the solar panels fitted by the Housing Executive. They have made a real difference, as I used to spend £20 weekly on electric, I now only spend £10 weekly after the solar panels were fitted...brilliant”
Michael Burke, MD of Saliis Ltd said:
“We had the pleasure of working with the Housing Executive over nine months, carrying out over 1,000 Solar PV installations at properties across Northern Ireland.  It didn’t take long to build a positive working relationship with NIHE enabling the contract to run smoothly and efficiently. With the Housing Executive’s desire to reduce fuel poverty and our combined desire to maximise customer service this innovative project has delivered a positive change for the householders.”