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Killyleagh Community Association launched

Published: Thur, 17 Aug 2017
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John Lynas, Brian Osborne, Tracey Watson & Raymond Love from Killyleagh Community Association
A new Community Association based in Killyleagh has been finding its feet since launching earlier in the year.
The Killyleagh Community Association is aiming to promote good relations with residents located in the greater Killyleagh area through a series of events involving all members of the community.
The Community Association is being led by local based resident Raymond Love, who lives in the Anchorage area of the town and has lived in Killyleagh for his entire life.
Already, the Killyleagh Community Association have made 36 plant boxes and baskets available to local residents who have received them free of charge, as long as the flowers and plants are looked after. This public display aims to signify growing relations in the community as well as improving the aesthetics of the area.
The Housing Executive’s Bronagh Magorrian said: “It is extremely encouraging to now have a community association serving Killyleagh. It is also important that stakeholder engagement can occur with partner agencies to deal with issues affecting the local area through representatives from the Community Association.
“By forming the Killyleagh Community Association, issues such as anti-social behaviour and social isolation can be identified and addressed. The local community have a focal point in which to belong, which can break down any barriers between young people and elderly members of the community.
“The Housing Executive continues to work closely with key agencies, but the formation of the Killyleagh Community Association is a welcomed development in helping foster a vibrant community for all.”
(l-r) Brian Osborne, Tracey Watson & Matthew Morrison, Killyleagh CA, NIHE's Bronagh Magorrian & Gareth Morgan with Raymond Love, Killyleagh CA & NIHE’s Sean Brennan
Raymond Love of the Killyleagh Community Association said: “We believe that following the completion of a successful programme of promoting good relations and community cohesion, this will not only encourage more volunteers to come forward but also indirectly tackle issues of anti-social behaviour and social isolation.
“We are delighted to have received the support from the Housing Executive, through their advice and guidance made available to our volunteers. We have devised a 6 month programme of activity which aims at empowering the local community, resulting in a positive outcome for the greater Killyleagh area.
"We have cross community Summer Fun Days, Halloween and Christmas parties planned which are open to everyone.  The first major event is taking place on 19th August in the Garden Field up by the castle.
“The success of the Killyleagh Community Association depends on the time, effort and dedication of our volunteers. As we become embedded into the community, we hope that more volunteers will be encouraged to join and receive the gifts of friendship and belonging.
"We know that a strong and thriving community association reflects a strong and thriving Killyleagh.
If anyone would like to find out more about the Killyleagh Community Association or how to get involved, please contact The Killyleagh Community Association on Facebook at: