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Supply Market Engagement for Innovative Products

Published: Tue, 28 Mar 2017
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All completed responses must be returned Friday 14th April, 2017
Energy Efficiency
To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Housing Executive Homes.
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive is pleased to invite manufacturers and suppliers to present their innovative products, materials and systems suitable for the sustainable improvement of Housing Executive homes.
The Housing Executive is responsible for approximately 87,200 homes with a further 6,000 lease-hold properties, dating from 1901 to a small number built post-2000. Our stock covers both rural and urban locations, with traditional cavity wall, no-fines concrete, aluminium frame, solid wall and multi storey tower blocks of traditional and system-built construction.
House types include bungalows, two storey houses, high and low-rise flats and maisonettes, with the majority of properties being heated with gas or oil and some with electric heating.
The Housing Executive wishes to investigate how innovation can assist in making its homes healthy, safe, and comfortable.  The NIHE is particularly interested in products and service types that have not been widely used in Northern Ireland, and which can provide quantifiable benefits, e.g. increases in ‘SAP’ home energy cost efficiency rating scores, reductions in winter energy bills, decreases in average relative humidity, installation and maintenance cost savings.
Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to:
Insulation systems
  • Ways to reduce thermal bridging/cold spots
  • Robust heating controls
  • Affordable ‘Pay As You Go’ heating solutions
  • Means to increase the amount of renewable energy used in homes
  • Solar PV battery storage systems
  • Protection of homes against severe weather
  • Protection of homes against damp, condensation & decay
  • Means to improve airtightness
  • Ventilation systems
  • Ways to improve the efficiency of heat distribution with lower flow temperatures
  • Ways to use low voltage electricity grids more efficiently
If you would like to let us know about your innovation, we would ask that you complete a short questionnaire, which you can access at:
Each submission will be reviewed by a Housing Executive technical panel in terms of its relevance to our business need. The panel may wish to contact you for further information, or to request a meeting, but is under no obligation to do so.
All completed responses must be returned Friday 14th April, 2017.