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New Mural - Positive Step Forward

Published: Mon, 18 Dec 2017
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A paramilitary mural in Larne has been reimaged to depict a World War I battle in a community led project supported by the Housing Executive.
A striking image of the Battle of Messines has been painted on the gable wall in the Wellington Green area of Ferris Park.
Gareth McConnell from Factory Community Forum, which is behind the project, explained that this will be the first of a number of murals to be reimaged in the area.
“Following engagement with the local community, Factory Community Forum in partnership with Larne Somme Society, decided that we would reimage the current murals within the Wellington Green area.
“The project demonstrates that the local community is moving forward from the legacy of the conflict whilst recognising the contribution that local people made during the First World War by dedicating this mural to the Battle of Messines.
“Undertaking projects such as this demonstrates our community development plan is clearly working by increasing capacity within the local community whilst helping people to move on from the conflict.
“This is also a very good example of progression within working class Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist (PUL) communities.  The artwork has already had a very positive impact within our area due to the history behind the mural that has been erected.
“We would like to thank the Housing Executive for supporting this project which was funded through the Executive Action Plan on Tackling Paramilitarism. We would also like to thank artist Dee Craig from Belfast Mural Arts who once again produced a fantastic piece of work.  We would also like to thank Larne Somme Society and the local community for their positive input in this project.”
Our local  Area Manager, Mairead Myles Davey, said:
“The Housing Executive works to support local communities to remove symbols of conflict through the medium of art.
“This is a significant project in this area and is part of a wider process, which has been taking place for several years, to change hearts and minds.”