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We support education initiative in schools

Published: Fri, 17 Feb 2017
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Daniel Ramsey, Corpus Christi College, joins Hollie Large, Dundonald High School at the launch of the Respect Programme, with Jackie O’Kane from the Housing Executive and Michael Fitzgerald (right) from the Children’s Safety Education Foundation.
Respect 1
A new initiative addressing the issues of crime, anti-social behaviour and community safety is being delivered in two local schools, with our funding.
Developed by the Children’s Safety Education Foundation, the Respect Programme teaches young people about the consequences anti-social behaviour and crime can have on communities and the students’ own health, safety and well-being.
Corpus Christi College in West Belfast and Dundonald High School in East Belfast are participating in this pilot programme.
£2,500 has been awarded by us to fund the project, allowing the production of new text books, E-books, work sheets and student surveys.
Jackie O’Kane from our Community Safety Department, said;
“We are committed to prevention, early intervention and working in partnership to address community safety issues.
“Strategically, this project helps meet the objectives of our Community Safety Strategy - Safer Together 2015-2017.
“We’re delighted to be part of something so impactful and thanks go to both Dundonald High School and Corpus Christi College for engaging so positively in the programme which tackles some really difficult and important community safety issues.”
Michael Fitzgerald from the Children’s Safety Education Foundation said;
“As part of the Respect Programme, we encourage children to seek out information for themselves and to engage in peer discussions.
“We help them adopt roles in order to consider opposing viewpoints and we use active learning which may draw on the personal experiences of the learners themselves.”
Frank Maskey, Principal of Corpus Christi College said;
“Many of the issues covered in this project could be experienced by children at our school.
“As educators, we have a duty to provide opportunities for them to overcome community safety barriers and become positive citizens in our society.”
Ken Perry, Principal of Dundonald High School said;
“Issues of community safety and anti-social behavior are best addressed in a constructive way.
“This initiative allows us the opportunity to deal directly with the key issues and help prepare children for challenges faced in wider society as they learn for life and work.”