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New refuse management service for New Lodge area

Published: Thur, 22 Jun 2017
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Andrew O Neill (left), Henry Davy and Louise Hunter from the Ashton Centre are joined by Anthony McKenna (back right) to announce a new refuse service for the New Lodge area.
Ashton Centre
A new community service agreement between us and the Ashton Centre signals a fresh start for refuse collection in the New Lodge area of North Belfast.
Almost £20,000 a year is being invested by us in the new project
It is hoped this new agreement will lead to a more responsive refuse collection process, monitored and managed by the New Lodge Housing Forum.
Ashton Centre staff are now responsible for the management of 19 large ‘Euro Bins’ in the area, which were owned by us.
One permanent job has been created already and more jobs may follow.
Our North Belfast Area Manager, Malachy McKinney, explained:
“We are committed to supporting community enterprises and also delivering quality services.
“Previously, the management of the ‘Euro Bins’ in this area was the responsibility of the Housing Executive but we’re always looking for new, creative and better ways to do things.
“We’re providing the Ashton Centre with the necessary equipment and we’re also in the process of locating suitable garage accommodation for secure storage for the bins.”
Ciara Rea from the Ashton Centre, said:
“Delivering local services from a community base can help us be more responsive to the needs of the local population.
“Thanks go to the Housing Executive for helping get this refuse collection service established – it will have huge benefits for this part of North Belfast.”