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How we have used your feedback to improve our services

Updated: 16 Feb 2019
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We now have some allotment schemes underway, thanks to your feedback
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How we have used your feedback to improve our services

We are always trying to improve the service we deliver to our customers. One of the most effective ways we have of identifying improvements is by listening to your views and opinions.
Here are a few of the changes we have introduced as a result of your comments and feedback. Some of these changes have been implemented across the organisation and others were at district, local or estate level.

You said: Your consultation documents are too long and difficult to understand.

Our response – Recent consultations have included an ‘Easy Read Version’ of the consultation document.

You said: It is difficult to view your website on a Smartphone.

Our response - We launched a mobile version of our website, which means anyone visiting our website from their smartphone will now automatically see an optimised, mobile friendly version of the site which is easier to navigate on small screens.

You said: Some Payment Schedule Notifications have been lost or were undelivered.

Our response – We introduced a scheme where landlords who receive Housing Benefit payments directly on behalf of their tenants can opt to receive their Payment Schedule Notifications by secure email, replacing the current paper format.

You said: Given the current economic climate and increased interest in locally grown produce, we would like allotments.

Our response - We now have a number of projects underway to provide garden allotments.

You said: It’s difficult to get information on mutual exchange properties available.

Our response - We introduced a free online service - HomeSwapper which is the UK’s largest and most successful home swap service.  It’s now free to all Housing Executive tenants and most Northern Ireland housing association tenants and is an easy way to find the right new home.

You said: We have issues within our estate with rubbish and fly tipping.

Our response - We have introduced a programme of estate inspections in conjunction with local community groups and other statutory organisations.

You said: Young people find your literature dull and difficult to understand.

Our response: We produced a series of information DVDs in partnership with the NI Youth Forum targeted at young people.
If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the service we deliver to you please contact your local office on 03448 920900.
Alternatively you can use our online form:

You said: People living in rural isolated areas could prepare better if they had notification of strong winds or flooding.

Our Response – When the MET office issues severe weather warnings, we publicise adverse weather reports on our website and via twitter.
Many improvements to service have been made as a result of the community scrutinising our housing services. This is investigated and implemented via our Scrutiny Panel’s or Housing Community Network’s across 13 areas in Northern Ireland.
Some of those recommendations include:
  • Two booklets outlining models of good practice in user involvement with people with a disability were developed by the Disability Forum. They provide guidance to our staff about how we work closely with people who have a disability
  • A rural networking conference was held in Mid Ulster, to ensure greater collaborative working, showcasing best practice and greater connection within and between rural communities
  • The Youth Forum created, (in conjunction with the NI Youth Forum) several videos on housing and tenancy problems for young people. The videos have been posted on our website
  • We publicise rent payment options and encourage tenants to consider the most appropriate form of payments for their circumstances following a scrutiny panel recommendation
  • Appointments are made by contractors and  agreed in advance with tenants as a result of scrutiny panel recommendations
  • A scrutiny panel suggested that our Customer Service Units and outlet counters should be fully staffed at peak periods. We draft trained staff  from other departments within the same building to provide temporary assistance to our customer service units during peak times, where possible
  • Another Panel recommended that repairs notification letters must clearly set out timeframes for appointments. This recommendation was included in the  new contract
  • A Regional Scrutiny Panel is currently exploring consultation standards, with a view to ensuring consistency  across all Areas when it comes to community consultation