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Board Bulletins

Updated: 19 Mar 2019
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archOur new monthly ‘Board Bulletin’ provides a brief summary of the business of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s Board at their monthly meetings.
2016 2015 2014 2013
January (Adobe PDF 253 KB) January (Adobe PDF 142 KB) January (Adobe PDF 192 KB) September (Adobe PDF 215 KB)
February (Adobe PDF 82 KB) February (Adobe PDF 146 KB) February (Adobe PDF 252 KB) October (Adobe PDF 42 KB)
March (Adobe PDF 87 KB) March (Adobe PDF 242 KB) March (Adobe PDF 253 KB) November (Adobe PDF 173 KB)
  April (Adobe PDF 241 KB) April (Adobe PDF 317 KB) December (Adobe PDF 116 KB)
  May (Adobe PDF 170 KB) May (Adobe PDF 244 KB)  
  June 16th (Adobe PDF 74 KB) June (Adobe PDF 249 KB)  
  June 30th (Adobe PDF 101 KB) July (Adobe PDF 246 KB)  
  July (Adobe PDF 236 KB) August (Adobe PDF 232 KB)  
  August (Adobe PDF 263 KB) September (Adobe PDF 118 KB)  
  September (Adobe PDF 242 KB) October (Adobe PDF 241 KB)  
  October (Adobe PDF 123 KB) November (Adobe PDF 123 KB)  
  November (Adobe PDF 240 KB) December (Adobe PDF 192 KB)  
Our Executive Briefings document previously summarised the business of our Board  The archive documents is detailed below.
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
January (Adobe PDF 71 KB) January (Adobe PDF 147 KB) January (Adobe PDF 78 KB) January (Adobe PDF 116 KB) January (Adobe PDF 117 KB)
February (Adobe PDF 54 KB) February (Adobe PDF 122 KB) February (Adobe PDF 76 KB) February (Adobe PDF 48 KB) February (Adobe PDF 67 KB)
March (Adobe PDF 156 KB) March (Adobe PDF 112 KB) March (Adobe PDF 96 KB) March (Adobe PDF 65 KB) March (Adobe PDF 93 KB)
April (Adobe PDF 163 KB) April (Adobe PDF 84 KB) April (Adobe PDF 120 KB) April (Adobe PDF 120 KB) April (Adobe PDF 86 KB)
May (Adobe PDF 251 KB) May (Adobe PDF 138 KB) May (Adobe PDF 108 KB) May (Adobe PDF 114 KB) May (Adobe PDF 194 KB)
June (Adobe PDF 179 KB) June (Adobe PDF 90 KB) June (Adobe PDF 71 KB) June (Adobe PDF 92 KB) June (Adobe PDF 212 KB)
July (Adobe PDF 286 KB) July (Adobe PDF 88 KB) July (Adobe PDF 137 KB) July (Adobe PDF 84 KB) July (Adobe PDF 90 KB)
August (Adobe PDF 231 KB) August (Adobe PDF 120 KB) August (Adobe PDF 110 KB) August (Adobe PDF 79 KB) August (Adobe PDF 74 KB)
  September (Adobe PDF 131 KB) September (Adobe PDF 101 KB) September (Adobe PDF 70 KB) September (Adobe PDF 63 KB)
  October (Adobe PDF 114 KB) October (Adobe PDF 145 KB) October (Adobe PDF 68 KB) October (Adobe PDF 75 KB)
  November (Adobe PDF 44 KB) November (Adobe PDF 83 KB) November (Adobe PDF 61 KB) November (Adobe PDF 94 KB)
  December (Adobe PDF 69 KB) December (Adobe PDF 135 KB) December (Adobe PDF 64 KB) December (Adobe PDF 70 KB)