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How the application process works

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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Social housing is provided by the Housing Executive and housing associations
We need to make sure that you are eligible for social rented housing. We try to make the application process as straightforward as possible. We will let you know when we receive your application and will arrange a telephone interview or a visit  to be carried out to assess your circumstances.

What is "social housing"?

Social rented housing is provided by the Housing Executive and housing associations - together they are known as social landlords. All social landlords aim to provide good-quality, affordable housing to people in housing need. Each social landlord is an independent organisation and can offer different services.

How to apply

The same application form will allow you to be considered by all social landlords who have available housing where you want to live. You can make an application by phoning 03448 920 900.
The housing/transfer application form includes some notes to help you complete it. If you need more help then please contact your local Housing Executive or housing association office.
  • Download the Housing/transfer application form
You should return the form to the Housing Executive office responsible for the area where you live - or return it to your nearest housing association office who will then send it to the correct Housing Executive office.

What happens next

A housing officer will visit to assess your circumstances and check that you are eligible for social rented housing in Northern Ireland.  We will then determine your housing need and place you on the waiting list. We will assess your needs using the Housing Selection Scheme.
We will provide advice about the various landlords operating within your area of choice. If you prefer a particular housing association you may also receive a follow-up visit from that association.

Applying from outside Northern Ireland

We welcome applications from people living outside Northern Ireland. Your eligibility for housing in Northern Ireland and your housing needs will be assessed in the same way as any other applicant.
However, as we are unable to carry out a visit, you will be asked to complete a self-assessment form.
You should return both forms to the relevant district office. We will assess your housing needs when we receive your form. If you are eligible, we will place you on the waiting list for your areas and landlords of choice.

Applying for a transfer

If you are a Housing Executive or a housing association tenant in Northern Ireland and you want to move to another social rented home in Northern Ireland, you need to complete the housing/transfer application form. Return it to the nearest office of your landlord.
Your landlord will visit you to carry out a needs assessment and determine if you are eligible for a transfer. If you are eligible, you will be placed on the waiting list for your areas and landlords of choice.