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What is a routine repair?

Updated: 12 Dec 2018
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Routine repairs can take up to 4 weeks
DLO maintenance
If a repair is not classified as emergency or urgent then it is a routine repair and will usually be completed within 4 weeks.
The exception to this is where we already have a planned programme of maintenance that will include your repair. Your district office will advise you of this.
Examples of routine repairs are:
  • cleaning or repairing gutters or downpipes
  • easing or re-fitting doors or window-sashes
  • plasterwork repairs
  • repairs to floors or floor tiling
  • repairs to internal or external doors or frames
  • chimney pots, stacks, cowls or caps
  • roof tiles or lead flashings
  • fire hearths, surrounds and side tiles
  • working kitchen fittings and work tops

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