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Our grants strategy

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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Grant aid is targeted at properties in the worst condition
An unfit cottage in Fermanagh
The Housing (NI) Order of 2003 introduced a largely discretionary grants scheme for private sector housing in Northern Ireland. Our Private Sector Grants Strategy, introduced in December 2003, targets money to deal with unfit housing and disrepair, and uses the resources of the Grants Scheme to best effect.
The aims of the scheme are:
  • to ensure the continual improvement of housing standards in the private sector, to help support urban and rural regeneration
  • to help vulnerable people (including people with disabilities) living in the private sector to live safely in their homes
The strategy involves three types of targeting:
  • Condition based - This targets grant aid at properties in the worst condition, in particular that are unfit to live in, and those that are in disrepair and which may become unfit to live in.
  • Household characteristic - Grant aid is targeted at vulnerable, financially disadvantaged and disabled people.
  • Geographic - Grant aid is used to support urban and rural regeneration strategies where improving private sector housing is a strategic objective.
Additional grant aid is available in: