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Published: Fri, 2 Oct 2015
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The Omagh and Carnagat groups
Carnagat and Omagh
Members of the Omagh Housing Community Network (OHCM) recently paid a visit to the Carnagat area of Newry to learn from the success the local community association has had.
Carnagat’s success, particularly with young people, can be attributed to the strong inter-agency partnerships the group has developed with a broad range of statutory and voluntary agencies. It is this work the group from Omagh wished to explore during the meeting with Carnagat in the hope it would help steer their future work.
After consultation with us, the group agreed to examine the opportunities building stronger partnerships and developing social enterprise could provide. As a result, our Community Cohesion Team was able to financially support their initiative.
Siobhan McDermott, from Lisanelly Regeneration Group which is part of the OHCN, explained:
“We were keen to develop individual and collective capacity. Having this opportunity to hear the experiences from Carnagat on working with the young people in their community has been invigorating. We were also intrigued to visit Farney Community Development Group in Carrickmacross to discuss how they established and developed a social enterprise.  We are looking forward to developing our own ideas in these two areas further.”
Oonagh McAvinney, our South West Area Manager, who accompanied the group explained:
“Supporting groups to develop their own social enterprises is part of the Housing Executive’s work going forward.  
“This visit to Carrickmacross provided a good start for the groups from Omagh. The groups are at various stages of managing social enterprise schemes. With this visit they all had the chance to learn from Farney’s experience, hear about potential pitfalls as well as see the terrific benefits to be gained for the local community. I wish the groups well as they move forward with their initiatives and look forward to them coming to fruition.”
We recently launched our Social Housing Enterprise Strategy 2015-2018. This sets out the organisation’s vision for investing in the creation of vibrant communities by financing and providing resource support to develop the local social economy and create community-owned social enterprises.
Some £400,000 has been invested by us in the first tranche and applications close 12 November 2015. Contact us for more information.