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Our Race Relations Strategy

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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Community participation and development is a key theme
Good Relations awards
We are aware of our changing role in providing quality housing services to an increasingly diverse community. Our Race Relations Policy brings together our key responsibilities and looks at how they promote equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different ethnic backgrounds in Northern Ireland.
We have based this policy around a broad aim, key objectives and five themes.


To ensure that all black and minority ethnic people in Northern Ireland can get full and fair access to housing services and employment opportunities within the Housing Executive. We aim to support the promotion of good relations between and within ethnic groups and communities.

The objectives

  • The prevention of discrimination and the promotion of the right to live peacefully without being harassed on racial grounds
  • The mainstreaming of black, minority ethnic and Traveller issues in housing policy and planning
  • The integration of race equality into housing services in line with "fairness and equality" as incorporated in the Targeting Social Need and Promoting Social Inclusion initiatives
  • The provision of culturally sensitive services which reflect the needs of black and minority ethnic communities, including the Traveller Community
  • To ensure compliance with legislation, and the promotion of best practice, in respect of delivering our services to a diverse customer base
  • To set the standards of good business practice in areas such as developing partnerships and consultation processes with black, minority ethnic and Traveller community organisations
  • To continue developing the Housing Executive’s ethnic monitoring system and to carry out research to inform future policies and practices with regard to housing and community needs
  • To promote a diverse workforce, and provide positive action initiatives where appropriate
  • To raise the capacity of staff to deal with diversity, through awareness and skills training
  • To provide support for new arrivals to Northern Ireland, e.g. migrant workers, refugees, and asylum seekers

Policy themes

The five Race Relations Policy themes can be summarised as follows;
  • Mainstreaming black and minority ethnic issues in policy development
  • Racial harassment and intimidation
  • Promoting black and minority ethnic social inclusion
  • Community participation and development
  • Migrant worker issues
These are broad and in some cases cross cutting areas that will in many cases require working in partnership with other public and non-governmental bodies.

Useful information

We have produced a range of documents which support our strategies and recognise the increasingly diverse community in Norther Ireland.
We have published a booklet that details how we have improved access to information about services and improved communication with customers from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.
We have also produced a leaflet to help people understand the truth behind popular housing myths about migrants and foreign nationals.
A person’s immigration and economic status will dictate their housing choices, rights and duty owed to them when they are homeless.This booklet details websites and organisations which provide up to date advice and information for the migrant population in Northern Ireland.
If you been a victim of crime or your home been attacked because of your race, sexuality, disability, political opinion or religious belief  then you may be eligible for personal and home protection measures under the Hate Incidents Practical Actions (HIPA) Scheme
Information on the HIPA Scheme is available with a Polish translation:
A booklet summarising the rules of the Housing Selection Scheme is also available with a Polish translation:
Our Community Cohesion Unit and the Supporting Communities NI (SCNI) Liaison Officer Support work in partnership in the development of Community Welcome Pack. Download:
We have also produced a booklet that offers some words and phrases of greeting for people living in Northern Ireland whose first language is not English: